WebLogic Administration

WebLogic Administrator

A WebLogic Administrator is like a systems administrator who would be responsible for installations, configuration and maintenance of servers. Whereas the system administrator deals with physical hardware, a WebLogic Admin would just deal with the software or the logical servers. Installing and maintaining WebLogic is like installing any other software on a computer. However, here you are dealing with different operating systems like UNIX, LINUX and Windows server. The administration is mostly done using a browser based administration console. However, some commands may be needed to work more effectively. WebLogic administration is the first point of contact for any problems that come on a website. It’s their job to troubleshoot and identify what is causing the problem and resolve it or involve people who need to fix it. Like the developers or database administrators or network administrators. Very limited amount of coding is required. The max would be like 10 -15 lines of code, once a while.

What do you need to know or willing to learn as a WebLogic Admin?

You must have some analytical ability to troubleshoot complex issues.
It is a plus if you have UNIX or LINUX & Java experience.

Please send us an email or call us to enquire in detail about our training program and schedules.