Road Map Strategies

Well Defined Road Map Strategy
One of the most important assets a company possesses is its data.

Data becomes an additional cost of doing business instead of facilitating growth when information does not flow properly within an enterprise. Business units can behave like silos, diminishing economies of scale and the transfer of important information about enterprise performance and the competitive environment.

CimpleSoft understands having an integrated information management strategy can yield excellent insights and help drive success by aligning actions with business strategy to maximize outcomes and minimize risks. We work with clients to redefine the way information is sourced and consumed in their organization.

We develop a comprehensive and value-driven Information Management Road Map to maximize benefits from business intelligence, data governance and master data management initiatives.

Our Road Map Strategies enables any organized organizations, no matter how complicated its current information architecture is, to become an information-driven organization that maximizes the value of information from disparate corporate data assets.

CimpleSoft team uses surveys, client interviews, observations and internal documentation to understand strategic objectives, the current state, challenges and the desired state on the information management maturity model across four key dimensions – human capital, process, technology and culture.

We use the assessment, a gap analysis and industry best practices to generate recommendations, which are categorized and prioritized by how critical they are to your success. The recommendations include both the short-term for “quick win” projects and other immediate improvements and the long term for a full-fledged strategy to reach the next level of information management maturity.