Master Data Management

Master data lies at the core of many organizations’ operations, and the quality of that data shapes decision making by improving business agility and a single trusted view of people, process and applications.

CimpleSoft provides master data management solutions designed to bring consistency, accuracy and accountability to the core information of an enterprise.

CimpleSoft’s methodology results in an end-to end, scalable master data management solution that is tailored to your unique business needs and priorities.

The recent movements toward SOA and SaaS make Master Data Management a critical issue
While it’s easy to think of master-data management as a technological issue, a purely technological solution without corresponding changes to business processes and controls will likely fail to produce satisfactory results. The right combination of technology, processes and services create an accurate, timely and complete view of your customer across multiple channels, business lines and organizations, where there are many sources of customer data in several databases. A master data management solution allows you to sell more, connect to vendors and partners more effectively, improve processes and ultimately facilitates better business performance.

Our consultants work with your business to define the organizational model, business processes and appropriate tools to capture, store, link and publish master data so that it brings consistency and greater efficiency and insights. We help our clients to:

  • Identify the right master data
  • Associate multiple sources of common data
  • Cleanse, correct, evaluate and monitor data
  • Define a “single version of the truth for important enterprise data”
  • Capture, maintain and distribute data across all key systems and processes