Fusion Middleware

By utilizing our vast experience managing SOA, B2B, OSB, and related technologies within  IT environments, CimpleSoft enables organizations to enjoy faster deployments as well as stable and predictable performance.
Because we understand that technology innovation needs to be sensitive to business needs, Wise Men leverages the Fusion Middleware technology to streamline business ROI, TCO and KPI.

CimpleSoft provides following services:

  • Integrating data from systems and people using SOA, which increases visibility of the key information that runs the business; having accurate information in real-time improves quality and business agility.
  • Automating existing manual business processes involving people and systems using BPM
  • Embedding KPIs into the fabric of business processes by using dashboards and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM); this changes the way businesses measure themselves.
  • Enhancing an organization’s investment in the systems that run their business, such as eBusiness Suite and Siebel using the Application Integration Architecture (AIA).
  • Designing and Building collaborative portals using ADF and Webcenter to create a more efficient workforce