Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture can be the means by which your business operates more efficiently and competes more effectively. Our Enterprise Architecture Assessment services provide you with hands-on advice for designing enterprise systems that are robust enough for current and future needs.

Our services address every area of enterprise architecture – business architecture, information systems architecture, technology architecture – and includes portfolio analysis, technology rationalization, application architecture, data architecture, and legacy modernization.
CimpleSoft has the tools and expertise to equip your enterprise with the increased agility it needs to keep up with a dynamic business landscape, today and tomorrow. 

CimpleSoft uses a standardized approach with industry standard architectural models to objectively determine the state of your enterprise applications. Our services assess the core architecture elements, reference architecture, and application code, taking both an objective and subjective approach based on our own extensive experience in this area. We make key recommendations with respect to people, processes and technology; used in tandem with business process management, we align technology stack with business direction
Enterprise Architecture Assessment services provide a detailed evaluation of your current application architecture and the technology architecture while reviewing the business purpose, the roadmap, and perceptions from business and information systems groups.

Listed here are examples of the types of short-term consultancy programs Enterprise Architects undertakes:

  • Enterprise Architecture Business Case Development
  • Enterprise Architecture to support Large Scale Procurements
  • Enterprise Architecture Framework definition, development and establishment
  • Opportunities Analysis through Enterprise Architecture
  • Enterprise Architecture for Strategy Planning
  • Independent Enterprise Architecture Assessment
  • Enterprise Architecture Tools Selection workshops
  • Enterprise Architecture Mentoring (effective use of our training consultants to provide you with expertise throughout the difficult key early establishment stages of your architecture practice)
  • Enterprise Architecture Project and Program Management Resourcing
  • Enterprise Architecture “Issue Analysis (IA)” workshops (assists the client in resolving difficult and time consuming
  • Enterprise Architecture issues especially in complex programs where there maybe multiple Enterprise Architecture vendors being employed)
  • TOGAF™/General Enterprise Architecture consultancy services (Resourcing)