About Us

CimpleSoft was founded in 2005 to be the leading provider of consulting and information technology Solutions. We are built upon best practices from the services industry. Our aim is to provide our client’s unparalleled value for every dollar.

CimpleSoft customizes IT solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes with the agility they need to keep up with the relentless demands of an ever-evolving market. From Fortune 500 corporations to smaller companies, CimpleSoft continues to be the cost-effective answer to your IT challenges.

Our IT industry knowledge positions us to envision fresh strategies, bring leading industry practices, and implement technologies to enable strategic results.

We have provided solutions for companies in many vertical markets such as healthcare, financial services, banking, Utilities, telecommunication, E-learning, and retail. Our people are exceptionally skilled in many technology disciplines.

Our skilled consultants and professionals help our customers achieve and exceed their business goals by designing, deploying, and implementing optimized and scalable IT solutions that continuously exceed their expectations. We attract the brightest talent due to our unique culture and the ability for our professionals to make an immediate difference to our clients and the firm.

What sets us apart is our passion for service and commitment to build lasting business relationships.

What We Do
Utilizing our service-oriented architecture principles, proven processes and optimal blend of onshore and offshore resources, we offer services designed to help your business realize its potential by providing IT consulting services including:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Big Data Services
  • Database Solutions
    • 24×7 Remote DB Support
  • Cloud Services
  • Healthcare IT
  • Middleware support
  • Technology Build Services