Meaningful Use

Meaningful Use Objective aims at Improved collaboration

The Recovery Act requires all U.S. hospitals to achieve “meaningful use” of its Electronic Medical Record (EMR), also called Electronic Health Record (EHR) by October 2014 in order to receive reimbursement from Medicare and Medicaid. “Meaningful use” is defined as the use of health information technology to further five goals:

(a)improve quality, safety, efficiency, and reduce health disparities;
(b)engage patients and families;
(c)improve care coordination;
(d)ensure adequate privacy & security protections for personal health information; and,
(e)improve population and public health

CimpleSoft can help your practice receives a series of large government checks: over time, up to $44,000 or $64,000 depending on the incentive program that best fits with the successful completion of Meaningful Use attestation. In that context, having experienced Meaningful Use consultants guide you is well worthwhile.  However, if your practice attests incorrectly, it could lose as much as $12,000 of those incentive monies, and in the worst case, face financial penalties or jail time.

Under the guidance of our expert consultants, We will make the transition to all the three stages seamless.

Key considerations:

-Is my EMR certified by the appropriate authorities?
-How much money can I get in Meaningful Use incentive money?
-How do I demonstrate Meaningful Use?
-How can I effectively monitor, manage, and maintain my EMR system to achieve Meaningful use?
-Which Meaningful Use attestation options should I choose? How will the Meaningful Use landscape change over time?

MeaningFul Use